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Make people

WE help businesses turn people into loyal customers


Strategy & Processes

Understand your customers and align this knowledge with your business goals. Services: Strategy & processes setup and optimization, Marketing research (quantitative & qualitative), UX/CX

Websites optimization

Make people find you and buy from you through search! Services: SEO optimized, fast & reliable websites and landing pages with easy to use content management system.

E-mail marketing

Make people buy from you and buy again through E-mail Marketing! Services: E-mail software setup, Newsletters and campaigns management.​

Reputation Management

Make people find you and buy from you through online reviews! Services: Reputation accounts setup and management.

Social Media management & marketing

Make people find you, buy from you and buy again through social media! Services: Social media accounts setup, conversations, content management, Ads setup and campaigns management

Content Marketing

Make people find you and buy from you through valuable content! Services: Content Marketing strategy, content creation and distribution.




Are you lost in the jungle of today’s marketing? All the adwords, pixels, stars, posts, boosts, growth hacking, analytics, ROI, CPA, CPC, CPM … (dictionary anyone?)

You just want to help your customers with your great products and services, right!?

Why would you lose your time to figure out how to make your customers find you, buy from you and buy again? Your time is better spent on doing what you love!

As a busy business owner, you need somebody who does the marketing for you and turns people into your loyal customers!

I am Marian /’Mɑ ː rɪ ːɑn/ Kret – digital projects & marketing expert, entrepreneur and efficient habits geek.

I help businesses with marketing strategy & processes, optimizing websites, managing effective social media & Facebook ads and running the reputation management.

Reclaim your time to do what you do best – helping YOUR customers!

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You will tell me about your business, about your needs and goals.

2. choose your plan

I will prepare a marketing game plans for you with the most effective marketing tactics so you can make an informed decision. 

3. grow your business

I will get to work to make people find you, buy from you and buy again!

What DO clients say?

We greatly appreciated the opportunity of having had a Marketing Project with Marian. Communication and meetings were efficient as well as relaxed. His approach and way of working is very goal oriented and organised. Regarding content, he contributed with his skills in marketing research & survey, Facebook campaigns analysis, and customers interviews preparation.

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